SmartLIFE Master Class for NEETS

The SmartLIFE Master Class for NEETS is a 1 or 2 day course which gives the students the opportunity to experience what it is like working on a construction site.

The students will each have a role within the construction process and could even learn to operate the crane and guide in the panels exactly as they do on site. This is a great team building exercise for students which allows them to see how a team can work together to achieve an out come – and what better outcome is there than building a house!

Quotes from a group of NEETS from Kent

‘I enjoyed putting up a house and using the crane’
‘I want to come to this college, where can I find out more information’
‘I enjoyed using the nail gun, crane and the project management’
‘I enjoyed working as part of a team and building the steel frame and skills I have gained’
‘I would recommend his to others – very enjoyable’

If you are interested in our Master Class for NEETS please contact,